Birralee Kids

Who are they?

The Birralee Kids program embodies Voices of Birralee's philosophy that every child has a song in their heart and singing is as healthy and natural for a child to do as walking, talking and dancing. Choristers in this ensemble, drawn from years two to four, are a vibrant group of children always bursting with a song to sing! 

Choristers enjoy a wide range of musical styles from traditional folk songs and lullabies, musical theatre, classical adaptions to light and humorous selections. They love the challenge of musicianship, singing in parts and learning to read their music. The self esteem of each of the Kids is nurtured as they are encouraged to present their songs enthusiastically and confidently.


They learn the disciplines of performing at special events such as Out of the Box Festival, but at the same time enjoy a relaxed and joyful music making experience. The Birralee Kids are featured on Voices of Birralee's CDs and the beautiful sound of their young voices brings a smile to all who hear them.


The main intake for members is at the beginning of each semester, however, new applicants may apply at other times. Formal auditions are not required, but each child will be invited to an introductory meeting with the conductor where, in a relaxed environment the child can get to know the tutor and visa versa. 

Voices of  Birralee  Poppies &  Poems 2- 9- 18 0017
The Birralee Kids perform at Voices of Birralee's Poppies & Poems, QPAC (image by Darren Thomas). 

When do they rehearse?


Classes are held in the following two locations (choose whichever one suits you best):

Saturday 1:30pm - 2:30pm (during school term)

Eagle Junction State School, 49 Roseby Ave, Clayfield


Wednesday 4.00pm - 5.00pm (during school term)

Birralee Headquarters - 57 Carwoola St Bardon    


Artistic Staff

Conductor:                                            Debbie Daley 

Accompanist:                            Katie Littlewood


Volunteer Team

Choir Managers:                                    Hayley Marsh (Wednesday) & Sonia Filkorn (Saturday) 

Rehearsal Assistants:                  Linnea Cain (Wednesday)

                                                                Elliot Rentoul & Isabel Matthews (Saturday)

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The Birralee Kids have enjoyed a number of highlights over the years, including: 

Cupcake & Cushion Concert  Held annually 
Harmony Day Celebrations  Held annually 
Voices of Birralee Poppies & Poems, QPAC, Brisbane  2018 
Voices of Birralee's Gala Concert   Annually 
Bardon Community Carols  2016
Young Voices Festival  2016 & 2017 


How to Join

Is your child interested in becoming a Birralee Kid?

Contact Us to enrol your child or visit our registration page

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