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We are delighted to release our partnership packages for our Culture of Peace Concert, and invite organisations and individuals to become involved in this event through financial support.

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United Nation’s International Year of Peace and Trust theme for 2021 encourages us to promote peace and trust, mutual understanding, solidarity and harmony amongst nations. As a means of facilitating awareness and to promote this international theme, Voices of Birralee will host the Culture of Peace Concert at 2pm on Sunday 30 May 2021 at the Roma Street Parklands Amphitheatre.

Presenting music through song, a diverse and engaging range of cultural themes and stories will be explored by the 300 strong Voices of Birralee ensembles. The multi-age Voices of Birralee choirs will utilise the universal language of Music to express hope for a more peaceful future built on trust, freedom, human rights and cultural acceptance.

Our special guest, Queensland’s own Katie Noonan, will collaborate with our singers to create an experience of belonging and welcome for all. Alongside Katie as special guest we will also present the world premiere of a commissioned song which will be performed as a massed piece with more than 250 voices. This has been made possible through funding obtained by the Arts Council of Australia. Another feature at this concert will be the Birralee Blokes singing music of the Torres Strait Islands taught to them by Torres Strait Islander Bridget Garay and choral director Kiri Waiata-Green.


This is a highly valuable and rewarding opportunity allowing your business or organisation to be visible to a positive community network, including choristers, families, other partners, and the general public.

A concert of this nature is a large undertaking by a community-based arts organisation and whilst there is capacity within the organisation to stage large scale events such as this one, having financial partners will allow us to promote the message of peace to a greater reach of audience, by making it more accessible through reasonable ticket prices for audience members.

Partner contributions also support the engagement of local Brisbane based guest artists and cultural groups, therefore enhancing the multi-cultural experience for those involved.


Your organisation would receive the following key benefits from being involved in the Culture of Peace Concert:

• An opportunity to highlight your support for peace and how music can be a universal language.
• Be recognised for your support of encouraging people of all ages to sing by providing this unique class for them to showcase their talent and support new Australian music.
• Increase your organisation’s profile in the community to a wide range of people before, during and after the Concert.
• Ability to claim the sponsorship amount as a tax deduction.

The following packages are available for your consideration:

• Gold Partner - $5,000
• Silver Partner - $2,500
• Bronze Partner - $1,500
• Friends Partner - $250 (all gifts in this category are tax deductible to individuals and companies)


  • 5,000 Gold Partner
  • 2,500 Silver Partner
  • 1,500 Bronze Partner
  • 250 Friend Donor
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