Anzac Commemoration Choir - April 2016

In April 2016 Voices of Birralee travelled with 30 young people to Villers-Bretonneux in France to sing at the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Australian National Memorial. Here you can find some interesting facts about our choristers and their thoughts on what Anzac and Centenary commemorations and this tour meant to them.

Read about our choristers' experience via our Anzac Day 2016 blog

Chorister Profiles

Profile: Assistant conductor JENNY MOON

Profile: Accompanist and chorister BRENDAN MURTAGH

Chorister Profile : ANDREW MESSENGER

Chorister Profile : CASEY DUNCAN
Chorister Profile: CERYS DOWNING 
Chorister Profile : CHARLOTTE GREENER
Chorister Profile : DANIEL O'REGAN
Chorister Profile : EMMA SALMON
Chorister Profile : FERGUS HARTE
Chorister Profile : GEORGIA CAMPBELL
Chorister Profile : GEORGIA DAVEY
Chorister Profile : GERARD COSH
Chorister Profile : ISABELLA FIELDING
Chorister Profile : JESSICA MOREL
Chorister Profile : JOHANNA ROSENTHAL
Chorister Profile : KATE HARRISON
Chorister Profile : KERRY MARNANE
Chorister Profile : LUCY HEYWOOD
Chorister Profile : MAREE BUTTERWORTH
Chorister Profile : MATTHEW ANDERSON
Chorister Profile : MELODY WILLIS
Chorister Profile : OLIVIER PEAKE
Chorister Profile : PHOEBE ROBERTS
Chorister Profile : SAM BOSA
Chorister Profile : SAMUEL MOSELY
Chorister Profile : ELLIOT RENTOUL
Chorister Profile : SARAH PERTZEL
Chorister Profile : SIOBHAN BUTTIN
Chorister Profile : THOMAS WILCOX
Chorister Profile : WILL BROWN
Chorister Profile : YAZMIN STEMP YACOUBI

Televised Coverage of the Anzac Day Dawn Service 2016

Fast forward to 17:00 to hear the hymn sung by Voices of Birralee.

Choristers at the Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux

IMG 0929

The choir at their Focus Weekend in Brisbane

Focus  Weekend
Singers Tasmania Tour

Who: Birralee Singers

Where: Hobart, Tasmania

When: 23-28 September
(A choral work based on the Diary of Anne Frank)

Who: Resonance of Birralee

Where: Gehrmann Theatre, Brisbane Girls Grammar School

When: Saturday 14 October 3.00pm & 7.30pm
Ambrose Treacy College Choral Concert

Who: Birralee Blokes

Where: Ambrose Treacy College, Indooroopilly

When: arrive 5.15 concert at 6.30pm
Birralee Celebrates 2017 - Matinee Concert
featuring Birralee Piccolos, Birralee Kids, Birralee Singers and the Birralee Blokes
St Peter's Performing Arts Centre, Indooroopilly
Birralee Celebrates 2017 - Evening Concert
featuring Brisbane Birralee Voices, Birralee Blokes and Resonance of Birralee
St Peter's Performing Arts Centre, Indooroopilly
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