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Listed here are details for any concerts and events open to the public - we invite you to come along and support Voices of Birralee at their next performance!

The Young & the Recycled 2017


Join us for a wonderful evening of music, featuring the debut of our 2017 

Birralee Recycled ensemble, withYoung &  The  Recycled  Concert copy members drawn from the Birralee and greater community. The enthusiastic Birralee Singers will also perform as they prepare for their September tour to Tasmania, while the concert will debut the 2017 Western Front Centenary Choir (Belgium) in the lead up to their performance at the centenary of the Battle of Polygon Wood, Belgium in September. 

Who: Birralee Recycled, Birralee Singers, 2017 Western Front Centenary Choir (Belgium) 
When: 6pm, Sunday 20 August 2017 
Where: Claver Theatre, All Hallows' School 
Tickets: $15 Adult/Concession, $5 Child
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The Young and the Recycled

Who: Birralee Singers, Birralee Recycled & Anzac Belgium Choir

When: 6.00pm Concert

Where: Claver Theatre, All Hallows School
Young Voices Festival

Who: Birralee Kids

Where: Our Lady of the Angels School, Wavell Heights

When: 3.00pm
Voices of Birralee Trivia Night

Who: all Birralee families

When: 6:30pm

Where: Birralee HQ, Bardon
Anzac Commemoration Choir Dedication Ceremony

Who: Anzac Commemoration Choir

Where: TBC

When: 3.00pm
Singers Tasmania Tour

Who: Birralee Singers

Where: Hobart, Tasmania

When: 23-28 September
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