New Works in 2022

Sandcastles - Abigail Lui

Written for the Qld In Song 2022 Concert Series this piece was first performed by the Birralee Singers. Abigail was inspired to write about playing at the beach as a child and not just creating sandcastles but the imaginary worlds that brought the sandcastles to life. This work for SA choir and piano is available for purchase at

Holiday Jam - Ally Dunk

The Qld in Song 2022 Concert Series saw the first performance of this new work by Ally Dunk. Ally worked with the Birralee Singers, workshopping ideas about what they loved to do in the summer school holidays. Ally brought those ideas together in this fun, energetic piece for SA choir and piano. The first performance was given by a massed primary school choir. To purchase this score visit

The Window - Jo Davie

Brisbane singer/songwriter Jo Davie is a musician with a sublime voice both as a singer and composer. She was asked to consider which of her original songs might be enhanced by a backing choir and she chose The Window. After workshopping ideas the end result was this moving rendition which was performed by Jo and Resonance of Birralee at the Qld in Song 2022 Concert Series at the Old Museum. To hear more from Jo visit her website.  

Jalatarange, A Song For Our Meeanjin - Dr Charulatha Mani

At a Queensland in Song concert to celebrate Queensland choral music and a theme of representing people, places and sounds of our state Voices of Birralee was keen to include a piece that reflected our multicultural society. Dr Charulatha Mani was approached to create a piece and excitedly undertook writing a work that drew on her skills as a world renowned vocal performer of South Indian Karnatik Music.


This piece draws inspiration from the Brisbane river or Meeanjin/Maiwar in the Turrbal language. Drawing on melodic and rhythmic principles of South Indian Karnatik music, Dr Mani has set the piece on Raga, called ‘Hamsadhwani’, literally translating to ‘sound of the swan’. Dr Mani has composed the text in Sanskrit, the ancient vedic language.


The choir were challenged not just by the melodic and harmonic language but the bold inflections, intricate embellishments, and idiosyncrasies typical of singing in this Karnatik style.


Written for SATB choir, unaccompanied the score can be purchased from the composer.

Charu speaks about the creation of the piece here.